Good-bye cheap apartment, so long East Hastings

This picture shows a 1950s mid-century couch and chair, an antique wool rug from China, an original Communist propaganda poster from China.

Awww… this was our living room. The green paint is a mis-tint we picked up for cheap. The chesterfield and couch are vintage 1950s, picked up for free from the original owners off Craigslist. Original communist art poster from China (gift), photos mine, antique rug purchased for $80, all else thrifted.

Well, we did it. We left our beloved apartment in Hastings-Sunrise and moved to Mount Pleasant. The cockroaches came back, the neighbours continued to party their asses off, the lunatic downstairs continued to scream and yell at the slightest provocation (e.g., tapping the lid back on a can of paint, dropping a pencil on the floor) and our landlord, Wing, stopped cleaning the graffiti off the the walls around the entrance to the block.As much as we loved paying $750 a month for our 1,000-plus square foot apartment – I’d said in an earlier post that it was about 900 square feet, but now that I know what 900 square feet actually looks like (i.e., our new place), I know the old place was waaaaaaaay bigger – but it finally became just too ghetto. And that’s big for us. We do ghetto pretty good. But it was the cockroaches. The last straw. I mean GROSS.

Since this blog is about cheapness there’s nothing I can say about our new place, because it ain’t cheap. $1,200 for a 900-square-foot two-bedroom. Yawn. Where’s the bargain? Where’s the glee?

So this blog post will offer no advice or suggestions whatsoever. It will just be a tribute to the apartment we lived in for four years and, incidentally, filled to rafters with wonderful and very cheap vintage junk.

Aww… and this was our bathroom. I loved that bathroom! Baby blue paint: mis-tint, got for cheap; chandelier found in back lane, oil painting free off Craigslist.

Aww…and our tiny kitchen. The cupboards were black when we moved in and they had no knobs. Knobs got off Craigslist for small fee, melamine paint from Home Depot. We paid full price! That hurt. All else thrifted.

This picture shows a 1950s mid-century arborite table and two 1970s kitchen chairs.

Clock thrifted. Arborite table$30, Craigslist; 1970s chairs free off Craigslist.


3 responses to “Good-bye cheap apartment, so long East Hastings

  1. I love your sense of style. Please update us on your new apartment in the near future.

  2. Why, thank you very much! The new apartment is nice, but it has this this awful mixed beige carpet everywhere, and the walls are neutral colours, too. So everything just looks kind of blah. I’d like to paint the walls, but we’d have to paint them back to the original colour when we left. I’m not sure I have the energy.

  3. How about wallpaper…provided it comes off easily later on… 🙂
    I think you will make it happen again in your new place – a world of cheap, vintage and chic. All the best!

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