Cheap Mac repair

This photo shows a rotten apple sitting on grass.

Sometimes, Apple can be really rotten.

I’ll cut to the chase. Recently I turned on my beloved MacBook Pro (c. 2007) to find that, though the machine powered up, the screen remained black. After doing a few tests, I read up on the problem and it seemed like it could be the logic board. And bonus: if it was the logic board, and it had failed due to the graphics card, Apple would replace it for free.So I take it to the Apple store and my “genius” tells me the problem is indeed the logic board, but that the failure was not due to the graphics card. Then he said it wouldn’t be worth the $1,000-plus price tag to replace the logic board, and that I should just get a new computer. I balked, and my cheapy sense – it’s like Spidey sense except different – immediately kicked in and told me: you can find a cheaper way of doing this.

I find an independent Mac tech in Surrey on Craigslist. I send him my number, he calls me and I tell him the problem. He says he’ll look at it and any repair he does will cost $185. Fine. So I deliver him the machine and he determines that, yes, the logic board is at fault. Then he gets a guy he knows to solder the logic board together in order to get the computer up and running. Once it’s running the original Mac tech – his name is Cam – does a little test. Guess what he found? That the graphics card was indeed at fault. So he calls me and tells me not only this, but that he’s already talked to Apple and they’ve agreed to install a brand-new logic board at no cost.

So Apple was unable to perform the test to properly determine whether the graphics card had caused the failure, yet they tell me it’s due to something else and then suggest I buy a new machine. Boo, Apple. Not cool. I mean, I know you’re a big corporation and all and you want to sell as many products as possible and that it’s not in your best interest to do piddling little repairs for your customers who’ve forked out mad dough for your pretty products, but really. Sometimes you really suck.

Anyway, I gave Cam $185 and got my baby back with a brand-new logic board. And since Cam is such a swell guy, and his wife and biz partner such a swell gal, I’m including a link to their business, Mac is Us. I should have gone to them in the first place, and I encourage you Mac users out there in the Lower Mainland (whose machines are no longer under warranty) to give the Apple store a miss and head to sunny Surrey.


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  1. Good info. I’ve bookmarked them for future reference (hope never to use but …)

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