Confessions of a Local Celebrity: A Tale of Rags to No Rags


Have I got a deal for you. My dear husband wrote a memoir called Confessions of a Local Celebrity: A Tale of Rags to No Rags (by Mike Soret), and you can buy it on Amazon for the miniscule amount of $2.99! 

The book is an account of the Vancouver swing music scene of the late ’90s as told by the infamous and usually drunken frontman (my hubby) of the Dixieland punk band The Molestics. It’s a wild and wonderful ride, filled with dry, cynical, self-deprecating humour, personal stories, accounts of bands of the era, and the challenges facing small time touring acts in Canada.

Mike’s mom read it and said she couldn’t put it down. 

But why trust what the women in his life have to say? Here’s some reviews from real reviewers:

An acrid, profane, and viciously funny book.” – Adrian Mack, Georgia Straight

Thanks to Soret’s Montreal theatre background and ache for the bottle, the Molestics’ chatty gigs across Canada were hilarious, sloppy and wild – legendary to some. And his newly published book is a relatable, relentless and relentlessly entertaining tale of drinking, friendship and low-level Canadian fame (is there any other kind?). – Fish Griwkowsky, Toronto Star

Mike Soret’s seriously impolite and unabashedly original Confessions of a Local Celebrity: A Tale of Rags to No Rags is more playful and revealing than most readers will be able to handle—which is more or less its validation…This is a very, very funny book by a clever writer.” – Alan Twigg, publisher, BC Bookworld


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